Worksheet 1 Subject-Verb Disagreement

When you write, cut your sentences to play whokicked who? Exercise. Look at the subject-verb-object core (who kicked whom?) Core, and see if it communicates clearly and forcefully, although each verb in the number (singular or plural) must correspond to its subject. Disagreement between subjectverb is one of the most common errors tested at the SAT. If you are a native English speaker, the best way to look for subject-verbal disagreements is to find the subject and the verb (ignore all the words in between) and say them together. Normally, the subject comes before the verb, but the reverse clauses have the subject according to the verb. For example, the sentences that start There are … Or there`s… they are reversed. To check the subject-verb chord in these sentences, “unthred” you first. Verbs that follow form A or B, and neither A nor B should correspond to B, the noun closer to the verb. . 14. Each player on both teams was concerned about the injury to the goalkeeper.

_______________ . 31. Without the article (was/were) any mention of the director`s previous Broadway failures. . 7. There are no less than six colored pencils in this box. ______________|| 1342177279>>-1)c-c-c;return a; Q-p-null! -q-g (h,n,configurable:!) 0.0,value:q`; var t-this; function u (b,c)`var a-b.split (“d-t;a[0] in|| ! d.execScript|| d.execScript (“var “a[0]); for (var e.a.length)) ;)a.length|| void 0?d?d[e]:d-d[e]:d[e]; function v (b) `var c-b.length; if (0-c.offsetHeight) a-!1;else`d-c.getBoundIngClientRect (var;f-document.body;a.d.|| offsetHeight) a!!! 1;else`d`c.getBoundingClientRect (;var f-document.body;a.d.offsetHeight)a-!! 1;else`d-c.getBoundingClientRect (var f-document.body; f.parentNode|| f).scrollTop) ;d-d.left( (pageXOffset” in the window?window.pageXOffset: (document.documentElement|| f.parentNode|| f).

scrollLeft; f-a.toString b.b.hasOwnProperty (f)? a-1: (b.b[f]-0,a.a. . 22. Either Ben or his brothers (east/are) responsible for the drinks . . . . Original: My main concern in this budget and the other proposals on the table are tuition cuts …

“Unvert” the following sentences, so that the verb follows the theme, then select the correct form of verb. . 19. None of the books were/were considered fit for public consumption. . . . 13. s: Technology, v: have transformed (to transform) . Cutting a sentence helps you recognize svd more easily.

29. Riding on the bus among the children (was/was) more than a dozen commuters. 6. Either Eric or his brother is hosting the party this year. _______________ . The object of a sentence must correspond to the verb of the sentence: 17. How important is your strength training and diet to your daily diet? Clause 2:the coach gave him a sign at home Verb: wellen Subject: The Coach Object: it The verb is the most important part of a sentence, but verbs are not always easy to recognize. Consider the word swim in the phrases Ducks swim in the pond and ducks like to swim. In the first sentence, swimming is the verb.

In the second sentence, swimming is part of a Nov. phrase (Swimming is what ducks love.) So how do we recognize verbs? Each of Sylvia Plath`s “bee poems” uses the theme of beekeeping to express aspects of the human condition. . The theme of the verb is man. But people spend badly, because spending is the “third person” form of the singular – as he says – but people are plural, that`s how the expression should be expressed by people. . 13. The technology behind high-definition television, DVDs and CDs has changed almost every aspect of the home entertainment industry. ____ 9.

None of the cars are/are equipped with anti-lock brakes. . Most English majors read Conrad`s heart of darkness at university. . 17. Much of what I hear in these conferences in one ear and the other. . 11. The data on my computer (was/was) was completely erased when the power was turned off. 15. s: Sponsorship, v: won (change won) 24.

“Hold on to it!” The Bailey brothers standing in front of me. When David approached third base, the coach beckoned him home.