Visual Inspection Agreement

9. Payment of the tax to INSPECTOR (less the deposit above) is due after the completion of the on-site inspection. The CLIENT undertakes to pay all legal and time costs incurred in the recovery of payments due, including any attorneys` fees. If the CLIENT is a company, LLC or similar company, the person signing this agreement on behalf of that legal entity personally guarantees the payment of the royalty by the legal person. 3. The inspection and report are intended only for the CLIENT who authorizes the INSPECTOR to discuss observations with real estate agents, owners, repairers and other interested parties. The INSPECTOR is the sole owner of the report and all the rights conferred on him. INSPECTOR is not responsible for the use or misinterpretation by third parties, and third parties who rely in any way do so at their own risk and exonerate INSPECTOR (including employees and business entities) from any liability. All third parties who rely in one way or another on the report also agree with all the provisions of this agreement.

The inspection of the property by the INSPECTOR and the report do not constitute any express or implied warranty or guarantee as to the future use, operational capacity, habitability or suitability of the house/ building or its components. All warranties, express or implied, including warranties of market fitness and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly disclaihed to the fullest extent permitted by law. When a structure or part of a structure to be inspected is a log house, block structure or similar block structure, the CLIENT understands that these structures have unique characteristics that prevent an inspector from inspecting and evaluating them through an external visual inspection. Therefore, the scope of the inspection to be carried out under this Agreement does not include degradation of the inside of trunks in wooden walls, log fants or roofs or other similar defects. The inspection fee is based on a single visit to the property. Additional fees may be charged for all subsequent visits requested or requested by the customer. When the inspector is called to litigation or testimony as a result of the inspection, an additional fee is charged at the inspector`s current hourly rate for each time spent, including, but not limited to, research, consultation, additional inspection time, reporting, travel, time, waiting for testimony and hearings. Any time spent investigating on the basis of a dispute or claim that goes through arbitration and is decided in favor of the inspector is charged to the customer at the inspector`s current hourly rate at the time of the dispute or claim. 1.

INSPECTOR undertakes to carry out a visual inspection of the house / building and to provide the CLIENT with a computer-generated report (Palm – Tech) that identifies the defects observed and deemed essential by INSPECTOR. INSPECTOR may make comments as a courtesy, but these comments do not include the negotiated report. The report is only a complement to the seller`s disclosure. This inspection report is based on the condition of the property, which is present and visible at the time and date of the inspection. Due to weather conditions, inoperable systems, inaccessible areas of the property, etc., not all conditions can be visible during the inspection. Without dismantling the house or its systems, there are restrictions during the inspection.. . . .