Trade Facilitation Agreement Article 10

(c) the least restrictive measure chosen where two or more alternative measures are reasonably available to achieve the political objectives concerned; and (ii) for least developed countries, the expanded integrated framework for trade assistance to least developed countries should be part of this coordination process; Recognising the need for effective cooperation among members on trade facilitation and tariff compliance; 1.5 The Committee maintains close contacts with other international trade facilitation organizations, such as the WCO, in order to obtain the best possible recommendations for the implementation and management of the agreement and to avoid unnecessary duplication. To this end, the committee can provide representatives of these organizations or their subsidiary bodies: 2. Each member cooperates, as far as possible and as far as possible, on terms agreed with other members with whom it has a common border in order to coordinate procedures at border crossing points in order to facilitate cross-border exchanges. This cooperation and coordination may include each member holding regular consultations, if necessary, between its border management agencies and its distributors or other stakeholders in its territory. A temporary admission system allows the importation of goods for a limited period (six months, one year, etc.) for defined purposes (e.g.B. goods exhibited in trade shows; containers of ships ready to be shipped and filled; tools necessary for domestic manufacture; personal effects of the traveller; Foreign vehicles are subject to the obligations of visitors to the country, etc.) excluding the payment of import duties and taxes. 1.1 Each member offers merchants and other interested parties, where possible and in accordance with its domestic law and legal order, the opportunity for merchants and other interested parties to introduce or amend general laws and regulations, including goods in transit. to take a stand. 2.3 Members are invited to provide other information related to internet commerce, including relevant trade-related legislation and other items mentioned in paragraph 1.1.