Technical Collaboration Agreement

3. Subject to other provisions of this agreement, B grants A. a. taking into account the agreement that B has agreed to disclose in the most recent method of manufacturing products and other processes and, after agreeing to give technical advice and a date, A agrees to give an amount of …… to pay. which are due and payable as follows. B. A will, however, be free to sublicensing technical know-how, product design/engineering design under the agreement, to another part/Indian party, if necessary. However, the terms of such a sub-licence are agreed upon by all parties involved, including B, and are subject to government approval. A.

A reserves at any time, during this Contract, any know-how, drawings and other documents disclosed by B to A and/or in the above conditions for the secrecy before or on the A during the execution of this Contract. B. Another agrees, To B a license fee of….. to pay. Percent of the net selling price of products covered by the agreement for a period of……… years from the date of execution of the contract. The net selling price would represent the factory starting price of registered products (deducted from the landing costs of all imported items), including marine freight, insurance, duty payable, regardless of the source of import. These royalties are subject to Indian taxes.

c. 1. 2. 3. Four bis. B A must be fully and without delay, during the duration of the agreement, endowed, in the context of the manufacture of products, with the know-how that A may need from time to time. A. A is established on or before the last day of the annual/annual reports on B on the annual reports B….. after each calendar year for which royalties must be paid under this agreement, the product produced in the factory in the previous year indicating the amount of the licence due and payable.

At the time of these reports, A pays B the up and down fees payable. IN THE CONSIDÉRANT A is in the manufacture and marketing of…. and has extensive engineering know-how and technical information and equipment regarding the… and their manufacturing method. c. Liquidation , mandatory or voluntary of that other party, except in the context of a merger, replenishment, consolidation, restructuring or disposal of assets as a current undertaking and for the continuation of its activities by the purchaser of that party, provided, however, that, in this case, the entity that pursues the activity previously carried out by that other party undertakes to fulfil all the obligations of that party in an appropriate instrument. B. A. undertakes to maintain, during regular business hours, complete records of the products subject to this agreement, whose registrations may be taken into account during regular business hours for the verification of B payments under this agreement. 1. Know how all inventions, processes, patents, engineering and manufacturing skills and other technical information, patentable or not, that are currently in B`s possession or are in the process of being implemented, including, but not limited to: IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this agreement executed at the time of the first written agreement.