Snow Removal Agreement

Snow plowing is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think about snow removal, but it`s not the only way to clear streets and sidewalks. There are parts of your landscape where a snow plow cannot and should not walk, so our crews also shovel and blow snow from accessible areas and beds. This ensures that your trees and shrubs are visible to your customers, employees and tenants, even if they are frozen. The contractor makes every effort to contact the customer to accumulate ice or snow on the indicated land. When the customer requests salinity or snow removal services, the contractor strives to provide these services as quickly as possible. Please note that post-work or public holiday benefits apply to overtime. Check out our full list of commercial snow removal tips for property managers. If Snow Plow, LLC (hereafter referred to as “contractor”) was mandated by Mark Sola (hereafter referred to as “customer”) for the premises listed as a service address, the parties agree that this PDF model for the snow removal contract is a kind of contract that can be a contract of time distance and material scrambling in which an agreement between the parties is used and the services to be provided depend on the parties. This can be converted into a fixed-rate contract in which the agreement is paid monthly. Since this contract has some leeway for the type of service contract, it must be easy for the contractor to determine the type of contract agreed by the parties in this document. There are three main types of snow removal contracts for commercial real estate: per event, seasonal and full service.

A full service contract is also established for 2-3 years, and it really is Cadillac`s plan of snow and iron ablation. Our full service customers have nothing to do for the season, and all the best options listed below are included. This is ideal for retail real estate that really wants a partner in the fight against winter. The contractor undertakes to take out active commercial liability insurance for the duration of this snow removal contract. A copy of this insurance policy is made available to the customer upon request. In addition, the contractor agrees to describe the client as a “complementary guarantee” in its policy of commercial civil liability. The client undertakes to exempt and compensate the contractor for any claim of loss or damage, except for the intent or gross negligence of the contractor, its staff or its licensed subcontractors.