Simple Management Agreement Template

(xi) Each Party agrees that such Party shall pay the fees and expenses of its accountants, attorneys and others in connection with this Agreement, the transaction provided for in this Agreement and the negotiation of the Contract of Sale. 1. administrative services. The Administrator shall provide the Owner, if necessary, with the following administrative services (“Administrative Services”) __option_ ____________Des_ Taking into account the expenses of time, labor and costs of ________qu it will not engage or have discussions with other potential buyers of the Company between the date of execution of this Agreement and the subsequent termination or closure, and that ___ This type of agreement is useful as part of an overall risk management strategy. The intended consequence of using this Business Services & Management Agreement is to remove some (but not all) from the business owner from the usual risks that often arise when conducting a business activity. Any property management contract should also correspond to the two companies concerned and to the property. For example, a property management contract for a commercial property that houses several companies requires specific thinking for companies that operate in the building. (f) This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to its subject matter and supersedes all prior agreements, assurances and understandings of the Parties. No addition, modification or supplement to this Agreement shall be binding unless it is implemented in writing by all parties. 2. Duties.

manages and manages the transaction for and on behalf of ____ This administrative agreement provides that the manager shall make all the equipment available for use on the premises; this may be modified as deemed appropriate between the parties….