How To Setup Google Sitelink Search

Recently Google launched the mark-up that you need to get the site-link search working for your branded SERP results. The site link box shows on any branded search result and displays a search box in the SERPS that allows users to search your site, in Google’s words “removing a step from the process”.

Amazon Site Search

Now there are two ways that we have seen these to work, I believe that the reason they work in 2 different ways is due to them not being setup correctly. I have listed the 2 examples below;

1) Amazon – When you search Amazon in Google you are greeted with an Amazon search box, enter a search query in this search box and you are taken to an Amazon result page.

2) ASOS – When you search Asos in Google you are again greeted with an Asos search box, however this time when you enter a search query you are taken to a site search result on Google. This is bad for a number of reasons, one being mention in this blog post by AJ Kohn.


How To Setup

There is official documentation for setting up the site search on the Google Developers website that will run through some of the information and steps but I have simplified it below;



The sections that you will need to change on the above codes are the following;
url: Set this as the homepage to your website.
target: This needs to be the search result page on your website.

This code only needs to be placed on the homepage of your website and will not need to be replicated throughout the site.

You also have the ability to remove stop Google from using Sitelink Search on your listings, all you need to do is add the following meta tag;