Objectives Of A Sponsorship Agreement

2. Identify the decision maker: Understand who can say “yes” to your sponsorship proposal. If you are talking to people by email or phone, always ask if the person you are talking to is authorized to approve your proposal. Once you`re connected to the right person, you can set up a 30-minute meeting in person or over the phone. The idea of sponsorship is to develop strong relationships between the company and its customers because of their common ties with the sponsored person, the event, the sport or the organization. Beforehand, I will talk about the importance of these 7 objectives for each sponsor company. If you understand what your sponsor wants, you can more easily create a successful sponsorship proposal that can only lead to a successful long-term partnership between the two of you. Ask for an answer and give a delay: delays create fear of missing, and encourage sponsors to react proactively to their reaction. Julie Ritchie, of Optimizely, says, “Consider giving a sponsor a temporary discount on sponsorship fees, or discussing with a competitor the possibilities of creating the emergency.” On this blog, I talk a lot about what`s there for you from the point of view of your organization or your company when you follow the sponsorship.

You get financing, access to suppliers and other parties you need, ads, promotions and a whole new audience that you can potentially convert. Why does the sponsorship company accept sponsorship applications? Is it just beautiful? Start with the goals: start by presenting the main goals and marketing initiatives of the sponsor, which you have already discussed and agreed on. Confirm the measures of success, and briefly mention the value your sponsors will gain with this opportunity. This shows that you have the interests of the sponsor in your heart and warms them up for the place. Event sponsorship will help your event realize its potential. Dollars invested from sponsorship increase the value of your event without passing on the costs to your attendees. But addressing sponsors with a winning proposal can be difficult. For example, you may have been attracted to the limited partnership because you read the company`s page or history and you have noticed some comparisons with the beginnings of your own organization. You may have seen that this company has a long history of sponsorship in areas like yours, so you thought you were doing well.

You should also have researched the sponsor`s audience to determine if there is a match between yours and yours.