Ebook License Agreement Library

Book collections on Project MUSE are available for a one-time purchase fee. When a buyer confirms an order for a collection of MUSE books, an invoice is generated for the entire fee for the buyer`s selected collection or collections. Payment must be received by JHUP within 60 days of receiving the invoice, or access to the contents of the book collections or collections on that invoice is disabled. Access to the content of the eBook will not be activated until full payment of unpaid invoices has been received. Upon receipt of the full payment, permanent access rights are granted to the buyer. The buyer can participate in the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) system to archive digitized publications. To benefit from this support, the buyer must install a LOCKSS cache on his institution. (For more information, visit www.lockss.org.) The purchaser may use the LOCKSS system permanently to archive and restore the contents of the e-book, provided that its use is otherwise compatible with this agreement. The content of the eBook may be made available to other buyers of LOCKSS systems that indicate the right to obtain the contents of the purchased e-book. Purchasing an e-book through Project MUSE provides unlimited access to the full text of the e-book for faculty, staff, students, alumni, library sponsors and other authorized users of the buyer`s campus/institutional network. Distance learners, alumni and other partners at Campus A can access MUSE e-books if their Internet access is provided through the campus network or via a secure proxy server. If the library or licensee maintains or provides the service to users located outside a single adjoining geographic site or several departments working independently of the higher institution, the licensee may be required to acquire a license for several sites or consortia.

Individual e-book purchases can be made through third parties. Billing and payment are made through these creditors; Creditors are responsible for providing MUSE with order details, access information and appropriate payments in a timely manner. Project MUSE allows the buyer to access selected e-books after receiving complete and accurate order details from the Kreditor. The buyer will do everything in his power to put in place and maintain appropriate security measures to ensure that only authorized users can access content purchased online. The buyer also confirms that all IP addresses provided for the use of MUSE e-books are controlled by his institution exclusively for Internet access by authorized users. Valid IP addresses should not contain those of publicly available proxy or caches. So many cool things! We have published public versions of all our data, with interactive dashboards that allow everyone to view them visually. Just click on the feature you`re interested in, and it all goes up in live to enlarge it.