Can You Void An Apartment Lease Agreement

The tenancy agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant, by which the tenant agrees to reside in the rental property for a certain period of time. Although the tenant may have intended to remain in the rent for the duration of the lease, situations may force the tenant to move earlier. Learn five times that a tenant may be able to exit a lease without penalty. However, remember that your local or governmental laws can influence whether or not you can use the bond in this way. Breaking the lease usually allows the landlord to keep the deposit, but there are a few areas where the rules on bail are incredibly strict. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do. You`re the tenant and you`re sublet, so you`d be responsible. Even if the person you have sublet is the one who is unreasonable. The owner had no agreement or conditions with her except you. So it would be your problem to deal with it.

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If you were not technically “approved,” they would have nothing to lose if you had been abandoned from the lease. Did you pay bail? Or have you ever moved in? You need to talk to the owner in the most reasonable, not threatening way.