Api Agreement Full Form

If the licensee files a paid application, if this application is approved by Zendesk, and if the licensee follows the necessary registration and list steps that are included and which have been communicated by other means to the licensee, the licensee can list the paid application on the Marketplace and charge subscribers for the purchase of the paid app. The fees levied on the sale of the licensed app (“purchase fee”) must be processed through the payment processor account for which the licensee is registered as part of the paid application list. The purchase costs are processed by the licensee`s subscriber through the liquidator. The purchase costs are paid into the licensee`s Payment Processor account, in accordance with the terms of the contract between the purchaser and the liquidator. Zendesk reserves the right to charge the licensee royalties for each aspect of the Marketplace, which were communicated to the licensee at the time of the list of the paid application or after a period of ten (ten) days to the licensee. The continuous list of the paid application in the market place after Zendesk notified of the collection of these royalties is considered a consent to the collection and collection of these royalties. 11.1 The agreement and the terms and conditions contained in it are confidential. Each party recognizes that it may obtain confidential information, software or knowledge from the other party with respect to the other party or its customers or users, or on the technical, commercial and commercial matters of the other party (“Confidential Information”). Each party accepts that anything that is declared confidential in writing at the time of disclosure or that should remain confidential given the nature of the information provided by the other party is treated in a strictly confidential manner and is not disclosed or used without the explicit written consent of the other party and the nature of its disclosure. The licensee is fully responsible for damage to its computer system or data loss resulting from the download or use of APIs.

CREX24 is not responsible for any particular and accidental subsequent damage (including, but not limited, to loss of profits, suspension or termination of work, computer failure or failure, loss of information or other damage, including financial damage resulting from the use or inability to use APIs or the provision or absence of assistance services) , although CREX24 has been informed of the possibility of such damage.